Moorfoot Community Films was born out of their first movie, The Undiscovered, which was made in 2010. A group of friends got together and with an original script and actors with no previous experience, had great fun making a film without really knowing where it would lead. Alongside The Undiscovered, A Wolf's Tale was made which led to many more of the community getting involved in some way, from the postman to the local councillor. This was premiered in Temple Village Hall in 2010 and quickly led to Moorflix Community Cinema being formed.

As if that wasn't enough, dreams began a dreaming and the idea of Short Cuts was born in Summer 2010. Within a few weeks, the outline was formed and consisted of a beginning, and end, and an infinite middle. As more and more people wanted to get involved, the middle expanded over 18 months so it was just as well the plot was flexible! The committment of our two lead actors meant that we were able to take this approach, but at times it seemed it would never end.

Anyway, it did end, one week before the planned premiere the final scene was shot! Phew!

This production was so big, the community have taken a sabbatical for an unspecified period, but we suspect that out there, dreams are still a dreaming...

Moorflix won award from the British Federation of Film Societies in 2011 for community film making. We were then asked to attend the BFFS annual conference in 2012 to be on a Community Filmmaking panel and Coline Hyslop represented Moorflix including a showing of the Short Cuts Highlights. Great interest was shown in the film with many commenting how much of the community were involved. It was agreed that this type of film was a great way for any community to take their first steps into filmmaking.

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