"Short Cuts" is the second film by Moorfoot Community Films, an amateur film making group in South Midlothian. Without giving too much of the plot away, "Short Cuts" is a simple complicated little film about Life, Love and Laughter in Temple Village. More than forty movies woven into one, with a most emphatic nod toward the Scottish classic ‘Gregory’s Girl’.

Shooting began in May 2010 and was completed in October 2011 - one week before the Grand Premiere in Temple Village Hall! Since the film consists of almost entriely exterior scenes, production was halted between December and April until it warmed up a bit.

Only a few select actors were aware of the true plot of the film, with everyone else just being aware of their own scenes. This secret was kept right up until the Grand Premiere - an great achievement in itself! Almost 180 local people were involved in the making of this film in one way or another and "Short Cuts" would not have been made without them - a true community effort!

Here on this website, you can view the trailer, movie highlights, premiere photos and order DVDs, T-Shirts and personalised posters. All profits made from this film (Premieres, DVDs, T-Shirt and Posters) were shared between Temple Village Hall, Moorfoot Primary School, Temple Nursery, Moorflix and Moorfoot Community Films.

Thank you to everyone involved in "Short Cuts", it was a great community project enjoyed by all!
Moorfoot Community Films